Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She Sighed

You wanted to know what was implied when she sighed..........

Sister Rita Margaret was an unhappy nun
Until the school day was done
Then like a worker at five, her freedom arrived
And she sighed

Deacon Raymond Thompson stood up Sundays and yelled
Of sins, and the troubles they spelled
Making a little girl's eyes fearful and wide
And she sighed

David Bennet Junior was gorgeous and cool
She couldn't look like a fool
Wants to ask for a ride but wouldn't confide
And she sighed

Holding her diploma meant the studies were through
Life was beginning anew
Her joyful mother had cried, watching with pride
And she sighed

Happy wedded couple was the part she'd prefer
That life elusive to her
By saying her vows she complied, but not as a bride
And she sighed

You wanted to know what was implied when she sighed


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