Friday, September 28, 2018

I Needed A Swallow

Pains too harsh to face alone
Fears with causes still unknown
Wished the problem wasn't mine
Grabbed the vodka, poured some wine
Glad to sit and wallow
I Needed a Swallow

Numbness blurred the pain for me
Masked the true reality
Hope began to disappear
No one could be trusted near
My pride had left me hollow
I Needed a Swallow

By asking for help
Not ending it all
By letting them in 
They softened my fall

Friends put back my life in shape
Learned to live without escape
Feelings shared and not denied
Throat built up a lump inside
The tears were soon to follow
I Needed a Swallow

Posting for family and friends in honor of Recovery Month - written in late eighties

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Reiki Training

2 Days Reiki Training
Hope to end complaining
Of the ailments draining

30 Days Self-Healing
Learn more what I'm feeling
Not always appealing

8 Hours With Attunement
Careful of assuming
Resistance may be looming

Half hour of Self-Caring
Awareness is glaring
Find the answers staring

Written midway through Day 1 of 2 at Reiki Training

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Thinking About Lois

Thinking about Lois
And how you bestow us
Lighting the room with your smile
Wanting to stay for a while

Thinking about Lois
And how much you show us
Gracing the wheelchair with style
Travel not seen as a trial

Thinking about Lois
And how much you know us
Listens to tales we compile
But quickly spotting our guile

Thinking about Lois
And how much you grow us
Helping us work through denial
When we're digging out from a pile

Thinking about Lois

My dad was married to Lois for 11 years and we've remained close to her and are saddened by her recent passing.  . 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Washing Prayer

When the water touches her hands
She Understands 
The subtle commands
Leading somehow in the right direction
Her walks through the sands
Taking sunrise photos with affection

When the water touches her hands
She Understands 
How goodness expands
When reaching out to make a connection
A heartbreak withstands
Surrounded by a loving protection 

This simple washing prayer
Makes her more aware
When the water touches her hands
She Understands

Feeling inspired after seeing Roma Downey in Nashville on March 9, while she was promoting her new book Box of Butterflies

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Women's March

Fewer in number but we'll always remember

Marching in unity with women across the land

Taking a stand with a demand to be heard

Many chanting while others walked without a word

Didn't need to know their names, the cause was the same

Not a game of pointing blame but needing a change

Issues remain with so much more to do

With a wave of women in a chorus of Me Too

Reflecting on last year's Women March - walked while visiting Amelia Island, FL
Looking forward to joining this year's (colder) march back home in Nashville

Monday, October 2, 2017

Tears For Fears

Not just a band name anymore
Latest shooting hits at the core
Never thought of band name's meaning
It's making sense as tears are streaming

Not such a country music fan
See live music, much as I can
Thoughts of being shot so scary
Another group made more wary

Not sure I'm ready to watch news
Stunned at the violence some will use
Innocent lives disappearing
Crying more tears from my fearing

Written just after hearing of shooting in Las Vegas as a way to process the news.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Death Threat

What does it mean to kneel?
Such anger some reveal
How scary it must feel
To get a Death Threat

What if arms interlock?
Not so much angry talk
Then surely it's a shock
To get a Death Threat

What is this wide divide?
No where for anger to hide
Maybe afraid to confide
They get a Death Threat

Response to stories of death threats received after NFL protests during National Anthem last weekend.