Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I wore a costume on Halloween night
I ran to the houses that left on a light
I loved the candy dropped in my bag
I've got more good stuff you'd hear me brag
I'd lay them all out,pick one to eat
Then choose another for my next treat

Choosing a costume now is most fun
I'm wearing a mask known by no one
A witch and a clown dance next to me
Look at that monster, who could it be?
For the best costume they give a prize
But mine's not the most clever disguise

Won't want a costume as years go by
The fun that it brings I will deny
So I'll stay at home, give out the treats
I'll keep some for me, still loving sweets
I'll admire the kids, might have my own
To pass on the fun not yet outgrown

(written Oct 1987)

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