Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Gift

When I was born I was given a gift
Of savings bond certificates
I was unable to realize or thank
So my mom made sure they went in the bank

The interest grew over twenty five years
Until this time - my wedding nears
I wouldn't spend it on anything else
Than the perfect choice of a wedding dress

It's sleeves are long, with a skirt falling straight
Not leaving room to put on weight
The neck and back don't cut very low
But they're in a "V" for some skin to show

I won't let the groom set his eyes on the gown
Til at the aisle and walking down
He likes to call it "the mystery dress"
I think with the wait, he'll be more impressed

My grampy's gone and now grammy's too frail
To witness me in dress and veil
But wedding memories will include them there
'Cause their gift to me will be near and dear

Written in 1996 and printed on wedding program 13 years ago

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