Tuesday, April 5, 2016

She Gives

I stare at the small and wrinkled writing
And think of her fragile hand just like it
No birthday or holiday missed
As long as she lives, she gives

I pull on another hand-knit sweater
She made when her eyes were seeing better
She’s started the next one on her list
As long as she lives, she gives

I realize she won’t be here forever
My heart won’t easily forget her

I’ll pass to the coming generation
A few examples of her loving patience
I hope I’m remembered just like this
As long as she lives, she gives

Now I’ve grown to appreciate and understand
The strength of my mother’s mother’s plan

As long as she lives, as long as she lives,
As long she lives, she gives

Re-posting this as a remembrance for my grandmother's birthday.
Looking forward to it hearing it on co-writer Betsy Jackson's upcoming CD!

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