Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm waking up in Little Rock
It's way too early says the clock
Bright and sunny out the window
Back under the covers I go
More music to hear at Riverfest
The crowds and heat may be a test
We'll get away for some baseball
Then tomorrow start our long haul

It's not meant to rattle and hum
I'm not dumb, maybe too proud
To complain it was loud
When we checked in
Making all that din
Trouble falling asleep
So I couldn't keep it turned on
So it wasn't long until it got hot
Because it was not working right.
Not a restful night at the casino hotel
Just as well we don't stay longer
My luck could get stronger
But for now I'm just $5.00 ahead
And wide awake in the bed.

A few excerpts from recent travel

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