Sunday, May 16, 2010

More on the Flood

May 5:
Their belongings are out on the lawn,
Everything ruined and gone.
Heavy flooding has now gone down,
Green grass is now muddy brown.
Drinking water we must preserve,
No carwash or laundry to conserve.

May 7:
Flooding is starting to be seen.
News coverage had been lean
Where have you been CNN?
Now our telethons begin,
Helping with so much loss
The volunteer spirit is boss!

May 8:
Do what I can to lend a helping hand,
Donate my money and time,
Since I haven't lost all that's mine.
Help my neighbor who has a demand.

During this Flood, don't need to be of blood,
To reach out and give of one self.
Donate clothes and food from the shelf,
Do clean-up in the muck and the crud

May 10:
You know it's not good when they ask
That you go inside wearing a mask.
With gloves and sturdy shoes,
For when the water starts to ooze.
Everything has a moldy smell,
The residents weren't feeling well.
Just a visitor at this disaster site,
Can't imagine their hurt and fright.

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