Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

One day a year I wouldn't have to make my bed.
Downstairs to the presents I hastily sped.
I'd tear open the paper with a shriek of joy,
As it revealed that long-wanted toy!
My favorite breakfast would be on the plate.
So much thought and effort to help me celebrate!

One day a year I'd pick my favorite restaurant,
Choosing from the menu whatever I'd want.
I'd be certain to save froom for the birtday cake,
That she'd found time to frost and to bake.
She'd gather up the others and they'd sing off-key.
I'd blow out the candles and they'd applaud for me!

One day a year she spoils me though I'm now an adult,
Keeping the tradition brought a new result.
Although we may find that we're living more apart,
Here message is clear - I'm close to her heart!
I've noticed while this has continued each year,
It's not just my birthday I'm shown her love is there!

She says I am the Birthday Girl
I'm still princess for the day
She makes me feel special
In her wonderful way
She helps me feel special
On every day

Written for my mom and posting on my birthday with hers to come shortly.
Illustration done by sister Elaine with me reflected in glass frame.

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