Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plane Pain

How loud is the music in my ear,
Until I'm finally unable to hear
Your endless chatter that doesn't matter!
I'm in pain on the plane wanting to complain.
Can't get the music loud enough to stop hearing your stuff!
Why do you have to talk so loud, like you're playing to a crowd?
What did I do to deserve this treat, stuck in this unlucky seat?

Written last month - reminded me of a similar subject written in 1987:

Loud Monsters

Here comes another one roaring overhead.
Don't try to talk to me, I won't hear what's said.
The roar grows much louder, drowns out the TV.
If I shut the windows I'm still not set free!
I have fear one will crash, they're flying so low.
I keep my eyes on them till I see them go!

Here comes another one - I'm sick of that sound!
I wish I could tell them - Stop coming around!
Why are there so many taking up the sky?
There won't be any room for the birds to fly!
All these large gray monsters hold people within.
They serve a good purpose but make such a din!

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