Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Gone Wrong

Why do his wives end up dead?
How so unhappily wed?
Why not divorce them instead?
Is the next one filled with dread?

A brief reflection on the upcoming Illinois trial, and remembering tragic cases in Nashville, California, and this one from Boston in the late 1980's:

A tragic tale of blues for a young couple
Heading home one Boston night
A pregnant wife with gunshots to her head
The husband called for rescue as he bled
Their baby born, but shortly he was dead
They were victims of a crime
It was not a pretty sight.

There was no time to lose to find the killer
Pushed police to set things right
A media hype then followed on their track
The murdering theif was pointed out as black
Those neighborhoods were under an attack
Still more victims of the crime
It was not a pretty sight

A twist to the plot left everyone stunned in shock

The husband was accused by his own brother
Found a bridge and jumped the height
A loving wife was murdered by her spouse
While we believed them happy in that house
Not guessing him to be a greedy louse
We've been victims of this crime
It was not a pretty sight

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