Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flower Box

Some folks feel better with daily walks
Or pick up the phone for long friendly talks
Others choose a favorite book & warm pair of socks
But I find my comfort in a flower box

You might like fishing out on the docks
Or camping outdoors without any clocks
Others use binoculars to spot owls & hawks
While I find my comfort in a flower box

Petunias, begonias, gladiolas, mums
I start planting and my shovel hums
Beauty, brilliance, fragrant flowers
Digging in the dirt keeps me happy for hours

Some kids keep busy with building blocks
Or pick up the crayons and colored chalks
Others like collecting things like marbles & rocks
But I found my comfort in a flower box
Now mine find their comfort in a flower box

(not sure who this was written for..............)


  1. Lilacs forever!!!

  2. Lilacs Forever!
    1st Comment to the blog
    An Anonymous log
    For my endeavor
    They don't grow in a flower box!
    Grateful someone started the talks
    To undo the clog on my blog